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Mattress sanitizing
chemical-free, no toxins, no drying!

Hygienitech's "GREEN" Treatment

Hygienitech mattress sanitizing on a regular basis will prevent bed bug infestation and the possibility of the infestation from getting out of hand.

Our Hygienitech system will kill bed bugs and their eggs, provided we can locate them, but the bed bugs are elusive and hard to kill creatures. The can be hiding everywhere- under the bed, between the floor and wall, behind outlets, under drawers and dressers, in closets, behind headboards, etc...

If the situation is discovered earlier enough, using our system combined with our eco-friendly solutions will solve the problem.

Bed bugs are night crawling stalkers that feast and feed by sucking human blood. They pierce the skin with their elongated beak- like a hypodermic needle. Bed bugs inject their victims with their saliva, which contains a numbing agent, like Novocain. They drink until they become engorged with a person's blood- crawling away satisfied- until the next night.

The life span depends on conditions as nymphs can survive long periods of starvation- up to a year!

** Our eco-friendly service contains no poisons or toxic chemicals. No toxic fumes. It's fast drying, extremely economical, and more effective than pesticides. **