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Mattress sanitizing
chemical-free, no toxins, no drying!

They need warmth, moisture, and skin follicles to survive. A mattress is the perfect breeding place.

Steam Cleaning

Wet, steam plus toxic agents

Requires 2-3 days for partial, surface drying

Traps moisture inside the mattress-mold, mildew

No residual effect

Can not be used on memory foam mattress

Can induce fading and color variations

Can result in musty smell from within mattress

May damage surrounding areas and box spring

30-40 minutes application

Equipment requires set up required.

Hygienitech Process

Dry, chemical- free, no toxins

No drying time required

No moisture to penetrate mattress

72+ hr residual effect to continue destroying allergens

Safe on all types of mattresses

Color safe, no bleaching agents

Neutralizes odor inducing bacteria

No need to remove mattress from bed

12-15 minute application time

No set up time required

Hygienitech process verses steam cleaning